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We transport full loads and less than full loads by road, rail, sea and air in Europe, Russia (Kaliningrad oblast) and Scandinavian countries.

Our values:

  • reliability – safe, fast and on time delivery;
  • flexibility – wide range of freight size (from 50 to 24 000 kg), bulky freight, adjustment to preferred terms of the customer, agreements at market prices.

Other services and benefits:

  • Extra speed: very fast delivery of cargo by double manned trucks;
  • Extra cargo: delivery of bulky (up to 120 m³) and dangerous (ADR) freight;
  • Small consignments;
  • Freight to exhibitions and events;
  • Intermodal transport;
  • Cargo transloading, unloading and temporary storage;
  • Consolidation of small consignments and loads;
  • Supplementary insurance of valuable freight;
  • Cargo distribution;
  • Customs clearance for export and import to third countries (outside European Union);

Full load freight

Full trailer loads are delivered by standard semi-trailers (82−95 m³, 33 Epal / 24 t), large load capacity trailer trains (up to 120 m³, 38−40 Epal / 24 t) and refrigerator trucks (88 m³, 33 Epal) by the fastest route without transloading from the sender to the consignee in Europe, Russia (Kaliningrad oblast) and Scandinavian countries. We also arrange intensive flows of large quantities. We offer very flexible transportation terms for delivering freight from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia to all European countries.

Less than full load freight

We arrange regular delivery of small consignments (from 50 kg) from all European countries to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, United Kingdom and other European countries. We collect the load directly or via partner terminals and deliver without transloading.

Road freight

We deliver different size and volume cargo (less than full loads, grouped and full loads) by trucks in Europe, Russia (Kaliningrad oblast) and Scandinavian countries. We have extensive experience and know-how in this field and well developed transportation routes.

Key benefits:

  • Load tracing and control: all INALVA partner vehicles are equipped with state-of-the art navigation and satellite control systems that enable to choose the best routes and trace the movement and location of goods;
  • Reliability and professionalism – all truck drivers are experienced and responsible professionals, all vehicles are technically fit for carrying specialized and dangerous goods, the drivers are ADR certified and hold special permits to transport dangerous goods;
  • Safety – cargo is secured or immobilized by special equipment.
Rail freight

We arrange cargo delivery by rail in Europe, Russia (Kaliningrad oblast) and Scandinavian countries by single wagons, wagon groups or complete trains. Exchange of separate wagons or trains and siding services are also available. We deliver door-to-door, distribute cargo, make warehousing and loading plans, offer sorting, packaging and other services and arrange customs clearance. We reach the best railway operators through the vast network of reliable partners and therefore we can offer the most efficient transportation routes, supply chain solutions and the most attractive transit tariffs in different countries.

Ocean freight

We offer attractive terms of ocean shipping for Less Container Loads (LCL) and Full Container Loads (FCL), especially in those cases where price is of paramount importance. Ocean freight is one of the most cost-effective and rapidly developing means of transport gaining impetus in the modern transportation and logistics market. We have favourable contracts with partners operating container shipping lines and so our customers can enjoy effective ocean freight services at favourable prices.

Logistics services

In addition to key transport services and selection of optimal means of transport and routes, loading, unloading and forwarding planning, we also work on strategic level taking over most of the logistics functions of our customers, develop tailor-made solutions in the field of transportation and inventory management. Thus we provide additional value to our customers supply chain.


  • Tailor-made logistics solutions;
  • consultancy;
  • import-export terminal services;
  • warehousing;
  • customs brokerage;
  • other: marking, sorting etc.
Customs brokerage

We have long-term experience in customs logistics and perform basic customs brokerage functions.

We ease your worries on the road:

  • custom clearance of road, ocean, rail and air cargo;
  • handle custom and custom clearance duties;
  • deal with the import-export transit cargo issues;
  • provide bonded warehousing, loading, unloading and storage services;
  • provide cargo insurance (including coverage at 110 % of the CIF; INALVA holds third-party liability and CMR insurance);
  • care for consignment safety, damage and loss recovery.