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We transport full loads and less than full loads by road, rail, sea and air in Europe, Russia (Kaliningrad oblast) and Scandinavian countries.

Our values:

  • reliability – safe, fast and on time delivery;
  • flexibility – wide range of freight size (from 50 to 24 000 kg), bulky freight, adjustment to preferred terms of the customer, agreements at market prices.

Other services and benefits:

  • Extra speed: very fast delivery of cargo by double manned trucks;
  • Extra cargo: delivery of bulky (up to 120 m³) and dangerous (ADR) freight;
  • Small consignments;
  • Freight to exhibitions and events;
  • Intermodal transport;
  • Cargo transloading, unloading and temporary storage;
  • Consolidation of small consignments and loads;
  • Supplementary insurance of valuable freight;
  • Cargo distribution;
  • Customs clearance for export and import to third countries (outside European Union);

Full load freight

Full trailer loads are delivered by standard semi-trailers (82−95 m³, 33 Epal / 24 t), large load capacity trailer trains (up to 120 m³, 38−40 Epal / 24 t) and refrigerator trucks (88 m³, 33 Epal) by the fastest route without transloading from the sender to the consignee in Europe, Russia (Kaliningrad oblast) and Scandinavian countries. We also arrange intensive flows of large quantities. We offer very flexible transportation terms for delivering freight from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia to all European countries.

Less than full load freight

We arrange regular delivery of small consignments (from 50 kg) from all European countries to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, United Kingdom and other European countries. We collect the load directly or via partner terminals and deliver without transloading.